Service and Technical support

ARGO TECHNOLOGY EAST makes sure that every customer is confident in the reliability of the purchased products and can immediately resolve issues that arise in the working process, without loss of productivity.

For this purpose, our specialists have developed a convenient management system with implemented monitoring and reporting tools with event notification capabilities so that the customer can always continuously monitor the working process. In addition, the developers of ARGO TECHNOLOGY EAST are always in touch with customers and are ready to advise on any issues and provide technical support.
The ARGO DSS management subsystem uses a proprietary interface, which allows administering the ARGO Data Storage System via a web interface. Allows receiving data on the system status, data on the resources used.
Technical support:
ARGO TECHNOLOGY EAST offers several support options for its products. Timing of responses and solutions depend on the level of support selected.
Priority levels
Maximum response time (start of the application execution), hours
Maximum execution time of the request, hours*
  • — The warranty for hardware components depends on the manufacturer whose components were used in the supplied set of equipment.
Application acceptance time (UTC+3, Moscow)
Testing and training:
Before purchasing an ARGO DSS, it is necessary to analyze the real needs for functionality and performance. To do this, we recommend pilot testing.

ARGO TECHNOLOGY EAST provides the opportunity to perform testing remotely on the resources of its own laboratories (Moscow, St. Petersburg). Testing is performed using virtualization and according to the customer’s scenario.

Thus, our customers not only test the capabilities of DSS, but also have the opportunity to train their specialists to maintain the system.