Data Storage System
All-NVMe DSS is a small capacity but high performance solution optimized for workloads with a large number of deep inputs-outputs queues.
High availability and reliability of storage is ensured by redundant controllers in a single design and a transactional file system that allows the storage system functioning in case of failure from 1 to 3 of any data drives, depending on the selected level of reliability.
Volume is over 100 PB
The useful capacity of a distributed solution can reach many dozens and even hundreds (!) PB.
  • Wide functionality.
  • High reliability of data storage.
  • The undisputed leader in its class in terms of price / reliability of storage in terms of petabytes.
  • Is a higher performing system in terms of I/O than comparable HDD/SSD SAS/SATA DSS in terms of number of media/total capacity.