Data Storage System
Distributed network DSS is focused on multi-petabyte high-performance storage.

This system consists of components such as controller modules and storage modules. In addition, network equipment is an important part of the storage system, which combines modules into a single system and serves to connect the storage system to the customer’s network.
The highest reliability of storage and availability is provided by redundant controllers, multiple redundant storage modules and a transactional file system.

Depending on the selected level of reliability, the storage system is able to fully function in case of failure of 1 to 3 of any data drives, as well as in case of failure of 1 to 3 storage modules.

A typical set of equipment for distributed storage consists of 2 controller modules, 2 network interconnect switches, 8 storage modules.
Volume is over 100 PB
The useful capacity of a distributed solution can reach many dozens and even hundreds (!) PB.
  • Reasonable price and wide functionality.

  • Possibility of gradual volume increase.

  • High reliability of data storage.

  • is the undisputed leader in its class in terms of price/reliability of storage in terms of petabytes.