Data Storage System
Two-controller mid-level storage solutions are represented by two types of constructs: controllers and JBOD shelves with different disk capacities.
High availability and reliability of storage is ensured by redundant controllers and a transactional file system that allows the storage system functioning in case of failure from 1 to 3 of any data drives, depending on the selected level of reliability.
Volume 20 - 3600 TB
The useful capacity of solutions varies from 20 to 1200 TB in the version with one JBOD shelf. If further growth is required, JBOD cascading up to 3600 TB of total capacity per system is possible.
  • Reasonable price and wide functionality.

  • Possibility of gradual volume increase.

  • High reliability of data storage.

  • Leader in its class in terms of price / storage reliability / availability.