Data Storage System ARGO

The growth of data volumes and requirements for the speed of information processing pose new challenges for manufacturers and users of data storage systems. In addition, there is a need to find more reliable algorithms to ensure the safety of information. In modern space, there are many ways to store data, but hard drive-based storage are still the leaders in meeting current regulatory requirements.
What is ARGO DSS
DSS (Data Storage System) is a complex of hardware and software designed for storage and operational processing of information. As a rule, information is provided in the form of various kinds of files: media, structured and unstructured data, archives, backups.
Domestic development
Corresponds to the import substitution program, included in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases. ARGO DSS provides unparalleled scalability, reliability of data storage and processing and a high degree of data protection using a specialized operating system of its own design.
Wide range of applications
It is used in such tasks as: long-term storage of large amounts of data (Big Data), archiving, creating analytics clusters, development of digital video systems, creating data backup systems, deploying NAS network file storages, replacing the Amazon S3 cloud solution with a local one with a compatible interface, development of a VDI infrastructure, etc.
ZFS file system
ARGO storage uses the ZFS file system, which is designed to store large amounts of information, is characterized by increased data protection against damage and has advanced security features and flexible user rights management.
Automatic diagnostic and monitoring system
The ARGO DSS includes an automatic fault monitoring and diagnostic system that allows you to detect errors in the operation of system components, monitor performance and plan system optimization measures in a timely manner.
Large volume storage without costs
ARGO DSS is designed to store large amounts of data at maximum performance with minimal costs.