About us

ARGO TECHNOLOGY EAST LLC was founded in 2016. In light of the government’s commitment to import substitution, the founders of ARGO TECHNOLOGY EAST decided to develop their own technologies that are not inferior in quality to their global peers.

Software AGRO Data Storage System was developed and patented based on its own operating system. Certificate No. 2 017 618 991 dated August 14, 2017.

Certificates and licenses

Subsequently, the ARGO DSS was included to the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases by Order No. 518 of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation dated September 19, 2019.
ARGO TECHNOLOGY EAST LLC has state accreditation as an organization operating in the area of information technologies. Entered in the state register under No. 7281 dated June 06, 2017.

The company also has a license from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia for the development and production of means for confidential information protection (license registration number 2012 dated August 13, 2021).

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